Fidelity points on purchases
To thank the loyalty of its customers has a loyalty program


Each purchased product saves loyalty points which are counted in "my account> loyalty points"

100 € HT of products = 300 points = 3 €

Loyalty points apply to the total HT of products purchased excluding shipping costs and VAT

Loyalty points are cumulative and recoverable on the next order

Loyalty points are recorded from the shipping date

To count loyalty points, it is necessary to have an account and have made at least one order

Loyalty points is a virtual monaie usable to pay an online order exclusively

Loyalty points are non -refundable and non -transferable between accounts

After recovery of loyalty points, the total excl.

Example: if 5000 loyalty points (€ 50) have been acquired and the total price excluding tax is 25 €, only 25 € will be used and 25 € will remain on the account

Loyalty points are deducted in the event of total or partial cancellation, simple refund or following a total or partial return can modify the value of the loyalty points at any time without notice. The loyalty points acquired prior to the modification will however keep their value

The lifespan of loyalty points is 12 months, after this period the loyalty points acquired 12 months ago disappear from the customer account